Torque Converters

Autoflite are specialist auto engineers and racing component manufacturers, building Dominator and Eliminator torque converters to your vehicle specification.

Autoflite Engineering specialises in the re-manufacture, design and repair of all types of automotive torque converters for enthusiasts and racing professionals around Australia. Manufacturing high performance torque converters does not merely involve obtaining a smaller diameter unit, placing a couple of welds here and there and then throwing it behind a crankshaft.

Construction of our high performance converters involves:
  • Furnace Brazing - For added strength the vanes in the impeller and turbine are brazed along their entire length and securing point.
  • Needle roller bearings - Our Streaker, Dominator and Eliminator high performance torque converters are fitted with thrust roller bearings that generate less friction and, therefore, less heat than a flat washer, making them better suited to withstand the pounding of street and strip use.
  • Efficient stall speed modifications - We use only the methods we consider the most efficient to achieve differnent stall speeds, without rolling the outside edge of the turbine, or increasing the clearance between the impeller and turbine as some manufactures do. While this does increase slippage (not stall), it restricts oil flow and coupling efficiency, creating the same effect as installing a slipping clutch in a manual car. As you know, slippage is not stall speed. A slipping converter, or clutch, will never lock-up. An efficient converter slippage will have good stall speed and will lockup as well.
  • Heavy duty one way clutch assembly - A major problem with full-race converters is failure of the one-way sprag clutch in the stator. The outer race tends to crack, which in turn breaks up the stator, resulting in disintegration of the internals in the process, due to the massive forces applied in full throttle water burnouts, transbrake, nitrous, turbo and supercharged applications. DOMINATOR and ELIMINATOR high-stall torque converters use a series of super-heavy duty one-way clutch assemblies, depending on the application of the converter, that are specifically designed for drag racing applications.
  • Heavy duty mountings - Depending on the unit, our specially designed mountings are engineered to stay put. All our super-strong mounting rings, plates and lugs are made to adapt the smaller diameter converter to your existing drive plate, requiring no extra work by the purchaser.
  • Engineering skill and precision - Dimensions are critical and wherever possible parts are manufactured using computer controlled lathes (CNC).


For further information about our high performance Torque Converters, view the Spec Sheet under Downloads or  contact us. We also manufacture a wide range of performance transmission components, view them all at Our Products


Autoflite manufacture a range of Streaker Converters for quality high performance at a budget price and include the STREAKER, STREAKER PLUS and POWER TOW.



Our Dominator Converters have been developed over years of research and development. Deliver superb high performance for Street or Strip applications that have been proven time and time again by WINNERS around Australia and overseas.



Autoflite manufacture a range of Eliminator Converters with different stall speeds and features to suit your needs including ELIMINATOR, TOP ELIMINATOR and RACE ELIMINATOR.